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Getting Here

Additional Information

  Palmirage is conveniently located 12 miles from Stella Maris Airport (SML) and 20 miles from Deadman's Cay Airport (LGI).   

How To Get Here

  • BahamasAir is the National Carrier - daily flights from Nassau, usually early afternoon. ONLY FLIES TO DEADMANS CAY
  • Southern Air Charters is a local airline that flies daily from Nassau to LI, usually early morning and mid-afternoon.  Tuesday, only a morning flight. FLIES TO BOTH SML and LGI
  • Stella Maris Air, operated out of Stella Maris Resort, now offers By-The-Seat charter service from Nassau and Exuma.   Possibly the latest flight out of Nassau for your tight connections, as long as the plane can arrive by sunset. GREAT AND RELIABLE SERVICE
  • You will need 2 hours between your connections in Nassau to make the check-in time at the Domestic Terminal.  And the same for your departure - remember, if traveling to the United States, you clear US Customs in Nassau on your way back,  so this will add extra time if you are traveling at a busy time of the year.
  • USE THE  CONNECTING FLIGHTS LINE AT IMMIGRATION (ON THE LEFT), and avoid the longer queue with everyone who is staying in Nassau!   DON'T FORGET TO COLLECT YOUR LUGGAGE AT CUSTOMS, EVEN IF YOU HAVE CHECKED IT THROUGH! You will then re-check your luggage when you check in for your flight to Long Island.
  • Have your Car Rental arranged for the airport you are arriving a


If you find you need to Overnight in Nassau

  • We recommend Orange Hill, A Stones Throw Away or the Towne Hotel for your night in Nassau.  2 are close to the airport, but still by the sea.  The Towne is in town, a longer cab ride, but closer to Paradise Island, the Straw Market, and Bay Street if you want to explore a bit.  There are many nice hotels in Nassau, but these won't break the bank!

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Other Tidbits



What You Should or Should Not Bring

  • It is fine for you to bring packaged frozen meats and cheeses into the Bahamas.  We usually recommend our guests do if they like steak for the grill.  Do not bring seafood - we can find you plenty!!
  • It is NOT okay to bring fresh fruits or vegetables into the Bahamas.
  • And, if you like really good coffee - bring your own.  The selection available on island can be minimal at times, although Starbucks and Duncan Donuts have been seen recently.  There is both a drip coffee maker and a keurig.

  • A variety of Condiments and Spices are in the rental, but bring any speciality items you like to cook with.

  • We have you supplied with coolers, floats, beach bags and towels.  Don't wast space in your luggage.

Don't Let The Bugs Ruin Your Vacation

  • Noseeums and Mosquitos are a fact of life in the Tropics.  Light weight pants and long sleeve shirts can make your evenings a bit more comfortable if  you are usually bothered.
  • Skin-so-soft or Baby Oil will keep the noseeums from attacking your skin.  Apply in the morning and evening - before they bite!
  • 30% DEET works best for Mosquitos.



  • While generally warm in the Bahamas, our weather is influenced by the weather patterns over the US.  If the Mid-West is getting snow, we may see rain and windy cool weather 3-4 days later.  A cold winter day may be 70F without sun!  
  • One of the nice things about the length of Long Island is...you can take a drive out of the rainy area and find sun just about anytime!
  • Best site for finding weather in the Bahamas IS WindFinder 


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