Things to do on Long Island

The Columbus Monument



Located on the Northern tip of the island, this monument overlooks a harbor where Columbus moored the Santa Maria when he 'discovered' the New World.

Native Bahamian Straw Works

Bahamian Straw Works Long Island Bahamas Vacation Rentals Palmirae


You will find many places to purchase straw hats, purses, bowls and many other crafts created on the Island.  The plaiting done on Long Island is famous, and some of the works are shown in the Smithsonion.  

Deans Blue Hole

Mermaid Linden Deans Blue Hole
Long Island Bahamas Vacation Rentals

A site of the annual international freediving competition VerticalBlue. Known as the World's Deepest Blue Hole at 202m, this blue hole is located just a few strides from shore.  No boat needed to explore this awesome area.  The beach is a great place for a swim and a picnic, and a jump off the cliff for the adventurous. Watch a clip from 60 Minutes here 

Historic Churches


Clarencetown is home to two churches built by Fr. Jerome Hawes, one Catholic and one Anglican.  Climb the bell tower for a beautiful view of the sea on both sides!  

Salt Ponds

Bahamian Salt long island bahamas

Diamond Crystal used to run an extensive salt operation in Hard Bargain.  Local Bahamians still rake their salt in these ponds, as well as other ponds on the island.  You can purchase these salts at the Farmers Market (every Saturday) or many of the gift shops on the island.

Loyalist Plantation Ruins

Adderleys Plantation, Long Island, Bahamas


Many ruins of plantation home abound on the island, reminders of the struggle the Loyalists faced after leaving America.  Check out the well documented Adderley Plantation ruins in Stella Maris.  

Long Island Museum

Long Island Bahamas

'Dis we Tings" is the installation at the Museum.  A wonderful display of days gone by on Long Island, as well as lots of information on the history of the islanders from Lucayan days to Farmers on Contract to the US. Also a Library and the best Gift Shop on the Island  

Long Island Tourism Office


Get any help you need here at the office in Salt Pond, or check out the online Long Island Visitors' Guide.

Online Visitors Guide

Tours and Fishing

Long Island Bahamas


Opportunities abound on Long Island for Fishing!  Rules and Regs 

Some of the best Bonefishing in the world can be found on Long Island!  There are many excellent local guides to help you find these exciting sport fish.  There are also bonefish along the shore right here in Wemyss, no guide needed to cast from shore!

Bordering on the Atlantic Ocean, Long Island is also a world class Deep Sea Fishing area. Whether you are looking for Sailfish, Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), Tuna, Wahoo, or Snapper, you may find them here (and on your dinner plate later!)  There are full and half-day charters available to get you out on the water.  

Links to Tours and Guides

Get to know the Culture

Royal Bahamas Police Marching Band
Long Island Bahamas


PEOPLE to PEOPLE experience: 

Contact   Looking for a rich cultural experience off the beaten path?  The People to People hosting program is designed to do just that.  It gives you insight into the lives of Bahamians and a personal encounter with the Bahamian Culture.  PtP ambassadors are knowledgeable and friendly volunteers who are screened and certified by the Ministry of Tourism to offer you the best hosting experience.  Interested in hearing old time stories?  The making of Rake n Scrape music?  How to plait straw?  Caves in the Bahamas?  Gardening and Bush Medicine?  Fishing and Food?  Let them know and you will be paired with a host who will share the knowledge and help you immerse yourself in the Bahamian culture.  Great Experience!!



 Shelling on the many beaches is a great way to pass your time. Look for sand dollars, sea shells, and the popular Hamburger Bean to bring you good luck!   

Caving -Spelunking

Long Island Bahamas Caves

 Many caves to explore, from land or sea.  Some have tunnels running for hundreds of feet, some have Lucayan Indian drawings. 

Tour are available for the amazing Hamiltons Cave.   

Call Leonard Cartwright 1(242)427-1796

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